Monday, July 25, 2011

Women Being FORCED To Convert To Islam

An article from The Orthodox Church, an Orthodox oriented Media Network, reports on the state of Islamic violence against Christianity in Egypt. What is extra disturbing and outrageous of this Islamic crime is the increased use of sexual abuse and torture against Christian women for the purpose of forced conversion.

The complete outrage of the attacks, which I'm sorry to say aren't isolated, unsubstantial, nor sparse, is a reality of an Islamic country who will additionally not provide any protection, of any kind, under the law from these attacks.

You may say Islam is a peaceful religion. However, I'll call your bluff against the violent, unchanging, historical face, that is present from Islamic thinking and communities.

Jean Maher, president of the France-based Egyptian Union for Human Rights Organization, said that nearly 800 Coptic Christian women have been kidnapped, raped and forced to convert to Islam since 2009.
That number has only increased since the revolution in February, Maher said.
He said that before the revolution, Muslim kidnappers would have to “seduce” their victims. Now, they “just put them in a taxi and go away with them.”
Christian women are an obvious target because they do not wear a veil, which makes them easily identifiable as Christian, said Clark.
Clark said some women are no longer leaving their homes, for fear of being attacked.
Clark and Maher suggested that one of the greatest contributors to the abductions is the inactivity of police.
“Dozens of family members are reporting this,” he said. “They are very badly treated by police.”
Maher said most families of victims are already reluctant to come forward because taking away a woman’s virginity also strips the family of its honor. He said families of victims can also be accused of neglecting their daughters.
“As these victims recognize their voices aren’t being heard, they will no longer come forward,” Clark said.
Clark suggested this leads to a “cloak of silence, which only exasperates the problem.”
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